Using the services of a real estate broker during COVID-19

In these uncertain times, doing business with a real estate broker provides you with additional security as brokers are subject to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, a strict code of ethics and specific rules.

Throughout the real estate transaction, real estate brokers may use various technology tools without you having to pay any additional fees. Your real estate broker will be able to guide you in determining which tools and strategies are best suited to your situation for the sale of your property.Real estate brokers already have several technology tools for the remote filling in and signing of documents, including brokerage contracts, promises to purchase and seller’s declarations.

For the signing of documents in a social distancing context, brokers have software (Authentisign) that allows them to affix a legal electronic signature on all your documents and forms and control the signing process remotely. For document sharing, email exchanges are recommended. For meetings, videoconferences and virtual visits, several tools and platforms can be used such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Teams and Skype.

Can I work with a real estate broker in this current situation?

I would like to sell my property. Can I work with a real estate broker in this current situation? Yes, absolutely. As of May 11, the provincial government has lifted the suspension applicable to real estate brokers, allowing the full resumption of residential and commercial real estate brokerage activities.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours allow you to visit properties without having to leave your home! This type of visit has been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual tours, you can move around the property as if you were actually there and get a 360° view of each room.For sellers, you are assured that the property is being put forward in the best possible way. The virtual tour is an advantage that helps complement the photos of the property, a real asset that will make a difference when marketing your home.

A fair price in a complex real estate market

A broker’s expertise allows them to point out the strengths and weaknesses of properties, negotiate the right price and, above all, inform you of your rights, duties and obligations during a transaction. All of this will help you make the best decision.

Working with a broker means less stress and less anxiety, while maximizing the value of a property during a real estate transaction.